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This is not an esoteric philosophy site. Rather, it concerns, and asks for the support by, all people who want a better life for themselves and humanity.


Palioxis Publishing is dedicated to the publication of practical philosophy. It seeks to assist in placing philosophy into the central role that we individually and as a species require to master our challenges. Too long has philosophy been relegated to museums of human thought. Too long has autonomous consideration been banished by dogmas that seek to manipulate and force us into uncritical acceptance and compliance. Too long have we left it to others to think for us and guide us. Too long have we ignored, abdicated, and outsourced the powers of our mind and our responsibility for ourselves and our world. The issues confronting us individually and in a larger context cry out to be addressed in a thoughtful, systematic manner. Yet the knowledge about what can be done to make this a better world remains underdeveloped, giving room to misguided forces.


Throughout human history, there were periods when the world began to be transformed by philosophies that focused on autonomous, critical thinking. Humanity seemed to be awaking from the bondages of superstitions and suppressed independent thought and behavior. It seemed to develop to a stage of higher conscience. But many of these movements were inherently flawed, or they were stunted, perverted, and used to debase and torture humanity instead of lifting it up. This has made us rightfully suspicious of philosophies. Even where they succeeded in improving circumstances overall or for some humans, many beneficiaries of such developments have settled into a life of consumption and superficial benefits that this success enabled without purpose and concern for the consequences and without much understanding or appreciation of what made the advancement possible. Regardless of whether philosophies have benefited us or damaged us, many of us act without a well-considered philosophy. Many of us act opportunistically according to what we deem beneficial without giving it much thought. We blindly follow indoctrinations and blend into cultural dictates and conveniences to make the best of our situation. While our minds were adrift, we and the forces to which we have ceded our sovereignty have created circumstances that threaten our well-being and survival individually and as a species. Our life and the fate of humanity cannot improve, and, if we continue our unconsidered behavior, is likely to deteriorate, until we use our minds to their capacity and focus them to identify and address our purposes and challenges.


The often daunting apparent immensity, risk, or complexity of these tasks makes us turn away and concentrate on our ordinary pursuits. Possibly, we only are ready to expand our mind after the refusal of our responsibilities reaches uncomfortable or even unbearable levels. But such levels are certain to result from our derelictions. We may thus decide to look for solutions to our troubles before they become insurmountable. But how do we search and how will we identify the competence of a proposed solution? Although we may take note of what others are thinking and doing, in the end, we will have to understand and confirm whether their suggestions work for us. There are also likely to be many details and maybe even larger areas in the setting of our objectives and their pursuits in which we will have to devise solutions on our own. Both capacities require that we develop our personal philosophical capabilities.


The mission of Palioxis Publishing is to help in this process. Its name and colophon derive from an ancient Greek word that stands for the concept of turning around after fleeing, facing the challenge, and pushing back against impositions.


The foundational work in Palioxis's mission has been written by me under the title Philosophy of Happiness. It is focused on enabling readers to develop their philosophical capabilities and put them to constructive use. It is meant to endow them with their own, considered philosophy of happiness on the basis of which they can engage critically with other philosophies and implementations that affect them. You can access more information about this work by going to its dedicated website, However, due to the vast range of subjects in which human life can benefit from support by philosophy and other sciences, this book can only briefly address many areas that require or can benefit from further research and dissemination of results.


Palioxis seeks to assist in the writing and publication of works in these areas that can improve the human condition. To infuse such works with the greatest chance for practical import and potential for broad dissemination, they must be written in plain language with a minimum of specific jargon.


To aid interested professionals and other individuals in their efforts, this website is divided into nine sections beyond this introductory Home page. The Philosophy section describes the underlying philosophy of Palioxis Publishing's efforts and argues in favor of reorganizing philosophy to advance scientific and practical insights and implement the idea of "PHILOSOPHY FOR US ALL." The Publications section features the publications already issued by Palioxis Publishing. The Services section provides information about the services of Palioxis Publishing to writers of eligible works. The Submittal section informs authors about the submittal process and contains relevant links. The Contact section contains a form to contact Palioxis Publishing in matters not related to submittals for consultation or publishing. The Blog section discusses issues regarding the writing and publishing of nonfiction books. The Login section pertains to access by existing customers of Palioxis Publishing only. Finally, the Terms of Use spell out the underlying legal conditions for the use of this website and related materials.


I hope you find this site and the publications featured on it stimulating and helpful. Palioxis Publishing is an independent and self-financed publisher. The success of its mission depends in large part on referrals by individuals like you. So, if you like this site please tell others about it. Sharing buttons are located at the top of each page.


Thank you and best wishes,


Martin Janello

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