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Palioxis Publishing offers services to authors of practical philosophy and supporting disciplines who seek to connect their works with the public for public benefit. To infuse such works with the greatest chance for practical import and potential for broad dissemination, they must be written in plain language with a minimum of specific jargon. The services of Palioxis Publishing are are customized to meet this objective and the particular requirements of authors to bring their work to publication and market it. The aim is to have authors remain independent and in command of their work, including its substance, form, ownership, and possible financial benefits. Recent changes in technology assist greatly in approaching that ideal.


The approach taken by Palioxis breaks with a publishing tradition in which many processes in the preparation, publishing, and marketing of a book are thought to be matters that should be administered by the publisher. Palioxis takes a different approach based on the notion that these tasks are not only necessary for the formal presentation and dissemination of a work but can also significantly improve its substance. Palioxis believes that authors are relatively more competent in optimizing the substance of their work and therefore should remain involved in the preparation, publishing, and marketing of their books as much as possible. Palioxis's function is to assist authors in their involvement by advising them and by rendering supplemental services regarding tasks that authors are unable or have unproductive difficulties supplying.

 Painting by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter (1862 - 1918). Center portion of the tree of life with scrolled branches bearing various symbols.

In the preparatory phase of a book, Palioxis provides ongoing consultation on how to develop a quality book with a minimum of cost. This focus reflects the opinion that these attributes are closely related. Palioxis contends that the tasks of editing, proofreading, indexing, as well as book interior and cover design should be retained by the author as much as possible. Even aspects of book preparation that might be considered purely technical often inspire substantive insights. Electronic aids have reached a level where individuals with good computer skills and commitment can develop and apply the necessary knowhow. Palioxis can help by advising on competent tools and by teaching related capabilities. To the extent authors cannot or wish to not be involved in aspects of their book's preparation, Palioxis can step in at any juncture at any level and provide the referenced services, or authors can retain outside sources. However, by not involving themselves, authors may miss valuable opportunities to maximize the quality of their book. The continuing occupation by an author to see a book through to the final product can yield essential insights that might not occur duringPainting by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter (1862 - 1918). A small shrub with green leaves and flowers surrounded by scrolled branches.the initial writing process. Palioxis stands for the conviction that the perfection of an author’s ideas and of their expression requires the author’s unremitting involvement in the process leading to publication.


Palioxis takes a similar approach toward the publishing phase of a book. Here again, author involvement that saves cost is frequently also the most appropriate measure from a substantive point of view. In the publishing phase, finding effective print and e-book dissemination solutions is essential. Advancements in printing, including print-on-demand, distribution systems, and digital delivery make it possible for authors to self-publish their work. Palioxis can help with arranging these aspects.


The final dimension of work concerning a book is marketing. In this realm, a proper website is crucial. Palioxis can design and implement such a website in close coordination with authors or consult with authors who wish to create their website themselves or through others. Palioxis can further advise regarding other avenues of book marketing. In all these respects, the author's persistent involvement as knowledge source and advocate for the book is of extreme importance. Ideally, marketing work should begin while a manuscript is still in preparation because giving thought to promotion may generate important feedback on the substance and form of a book.

 Painting by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter (1862 - 1918). Colorfully wrapped lady standing with eyes closed, surrounded by scrolled branches.

Fees for the above-described services accrue on a “pay as you go” basis and are calculated strictly for time spent.  All incurring of fees is subject to the prior specific written approval by the author from time to time in amendment of the previously entered Consulting Agreement referenced in the Submittal section. That Agreement is terminable by either party at any time. Because of the objective of having the author conduct as much work as possible, the overall cost of services depends on the author’s experience level, dedication, and skill.


Once an author has achieved a product that meets the author’s and Palioxis's quality standards, the parties may agree to publish the work under the Palioxis Publishing imprint for a small percentage royalty. However, such an arrangement is wholly separate from any other  arrangement between the parties, requires the entering of a Publishing Agreement referenced in the Submittal section,  and neither party is obligated to move forward with publication through Palioxis.


This structure preserves the independence of both parties and gives authors a maximum of control and benefit potential. The primary objective of Palioxis is assistance, and it does not wish to obtrude on authors.


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