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Before a work can be considered for services by Palioxis Publishing, its subject matter must qualify under the selection criteria described in the Home section. Please note that Palioxis can only receive manuscripts upon specific invitation. While the selection process may ultimately require examination of a manuscript, if it already exists, the first step in our assessment for all submittals is the review of a proposal or synopsis limited to 2000 words. If you already possess a manuscript, you are encouraged to describe its state of development in a cover letter. Please review the Home and Services sections before you render a submittal to determine whether your work matches Palioxis's area of interest and whether you wish to be and can be as involved as the suggested process implies. If you desire to make a submittal or to communicate with us regarding submittals, please use exclusively the Submittal Form, and not the form in the Contact section. Upon proper submittal, you will receive an e-mail to let you know whether it can be taken into further consideration. Please allow at least 30 days for a response as other commitments may detain us.


If your submittal continues to be considered upon an initial review, the next step entails telephonic contact initiated by Palioxis to further discuss your project and your needs for assistance. If you already have a manuscript, you might be invited to transmit such a manuscript for further consideration before or subsequent to the call. Once Palioxis and you determine to go forward with an engagement of Palioxis to assist you in preparing, publishing, and/or marketing your book, you would receive a written contract for signature that describes the general modalities of this undertaking (“Consulting Agreement”). Specific services will be agreed by written amendments to this Agreement (see Services section). If your manuscript is or becomes ready for publishing, and if both parties decide to have Palioxis publish your manuscript, you would receive a separate written contract for signature that describes the modalities of that undertaking (“Publishing Agreement”).


Please refer to the Terms of Use for important legal provisions, including without limitation those on Submittals and Service Contract Requirements, Communications, and Privacy Policy.


Regardless of whether you qualify for a submittal, you might wish to refer to the Blog section for some general information regarding the writing and publishing of nonfiction books.


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